Adventures of Peter McDugal Children's Book

The Adventures of Peter McDugal


You know what it’s like to be around a bully every day in school. You get knots in your stomach because you never know when you’re going to be the next victim. It’s probably happened to you or one of your friends already. But did you know that school bullies were doing these same things more than a hundred years ago? Some things never change.


Meet Peter McDugal. Same story, same pranks, different time. Peter’s adventures happen in and around a one-room rock schoolhouse named Belden. It’s more than a school, it’s a friend to Peter, tucked in the hills of the Mississippi River Valley area. 


Franky is Peter’s friend in this small farm community. But Franky acts like a tough bully whenever he feels like it, making Peter feel plum sad and foolish. The teacher, Miss Bishop, notices the ups and downs of their friendship. She tries to mend fences by telling Peter why Franky acts the way he does, yet Peter doesn’t understand. Find out what makes Belden so special and Peter’s life so adventurous!


Books includes actual vintage photos of the real Belden School.


2012 CSAA Award Winner! 2013 Finalist of the Eric Hoffer Award!