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This hardcover picture book bundle includes, Mary Jane ~ Farm Truck to Bookmobile, The Village Dog and Li'l Bob ~ Journey of a Lost Pup. Books wrapped together with burlap ribbon!




The Village Dog:


Sport, the stray, was rescued from the busy streets of Chicago in the 1930s, and was loved by his new family and folks of small town Glen Ellyn. Store owners would jump to greet their four-legged friend on the sidewalk, tossing him a biscuit here and there. Smart and faithful, the dog was especially devoted to his friend Johnny. Following his owner to Glenbard High on the hill, Sport would search the halls for Johnny, just to lay by his side at his desk in the classroom. Sport and boy grew closer as the years went by. This is the true story of not only a family adopting a stray, but a village adopting Sport in their own way.




Mary Jane ~ Farm Truck to Bookmobile:


Mary Jane worked hard on the farm like a team of horses. Why, she helped to harvest the vegetables in the fields, mend fences, and haul animals from one farm to the other.


The little green pick up could pull her weight and then some. She even drove her family to church, sold lemonade off her tailgate and went to the outdoor picture show more times than she could count! But what happens to Mary Jane when she is put behind the barn and forgotten for years is a story yet to be told....




Li'l Bob ~ Journey of a Lost Pup:


"I'm going where?" my wagging tail asked my family. "On a vacation far away in the country? Why, I'm the luckiest pup ever!"


Little pup Bob was headed to the Biscuit Retreat for relaxation and country air while his family was going on a Holiday Vacation of their own. Bob wasn't worried though, because they would come back together again as they've done before.


Bob's adventurous journey turns out to be one that he and his family will never forget. The reader will never forget this touching tale either of a small dog and his unexpected travels!

Picture Book Bundle

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