Backwoods Bully

Backwoods Bully


Franky doesn't understand. Why do folks call him a bully? School is hard for him. He can't read well and those numbers on the slate board are all backwards. But his pals laugh at him when he plays pranks on the others, especially the new schoolmaster, mean Mr. Cobb. And that's alright with Franky!


Peter sure doesn't like the way Franky bullies him and their pals. But Franky has finally met his match. Mr. "Corn on the Cobb" bullies Franky, Peter, and all their pals at Belden School. The folks are guessing that something is not sitting right in their beloved school. Franky's Pa doesn't really care and his Ma is feeling poorly, so Franky is on his own pulling pranks and turning their Belden School days upside down. That is until someone new comes into school and into his life.


Enjoy reading about Franky's adventures from his perspective in the Belden Boy Series ! Children who know Peter McDugal and Franky will now enjoy seeing Franky's point of view on his friendships with his pals, his struggles with schoolwork, and what happens to him when he goes home to his Pa's farm. Life for Franky isn't as cozy as Peter's. But the strength of a small girl helps Franky view the world differently!


2017 CSAA Award