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~The third book in the award-winning Belden Boy Series, is told from the perspective and voice of Franky, the bully. Backwoods Bully helps empower young readers to look beyond outward behavior to understand why some people become bullies and others do not.


Franky is plum fed up with his pal, Peter. Everyone likes Peter better and Franky knows it. He knows he’s not too good at book learning, Sure his ma is sickly and his pa just doesn’t care whether he goes to school or not, but that’s not his fault. Only thing Franky knows is that he can pull pranks on the others, making him feel like he’s ‘King of the Hill’ especially when his pals cheer him on. He knows it can hurt others, but Franky pretends not to care. That is, until the new schoolmaster comes to Belden School.  Like a powder keg, the two come head to head and things begin to explode.


But when the new girl, Annie comes to Belden School, she shows Franky another way of looking at things. Can he muster up the courage to change? Or will Franky always be just another bully?


Winner of the 2017 CSAA Award

Backwoods Bully

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