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Meet the Characters...

...behind Whistleslick Press! A dynamic duo comprising a Mother and Daughter, Author and Designer, unite to establish a women-owned self-publishing venture! Our stories stem from the 'Harte', instilling valuable lessons in children about conquering fears, fostering kindness, and embracing philanthropy. Additionally, we've pioneered the Belden Boy Gives Back Program, channeling a portion of our book sale proceeds towards supporting farm sanctuaries, animal rescue groups, and children's organizations.

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Meet the mastermind behind the scenes! With 34 years of experience in education, our seasoned educator brings a wealth of knowledge in child-centered learning to Whistleslick Press' collection of Award-Winning Books!

Meet the creative force behind our books, the visionary artist who infuses stories with vibrant energy and brings them to life on the page! This mastermind not only designs books but also strategically brought Mary Jane onto PJ's radar, leading to the creation of the Whistleslick Press Mobile!

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