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~The second book in the award-winning Belden Boy Series, is the continuing story told from the perspective of Peter McDugal....


Peter McDugal tries to understand his pal Franky, but there’s a bully side to him that scares Peter. Sometimes they’re best friends, then suddenly without warning, Franky turns on him. Peter knows that pals have to stick together and trust each other, but it sure gives him a belly ache trying to figure him out!


Peter decides to give Franky a chance to work together showing his prize sheep at the Elizabeth Country Fair. Franky promises to be there to help, but when he doesn’t show, Peter finds him up to no good. When Franky turns on him, Peter has to take care of matters in his own way!


“Sometimes Pal paints a picture for the reader of what life was like in the mid-1800s and offers good lessons about friendships, communication, family roles and standing up for yourself and your values.”

-Team Judges, Children’s Literature Independently Published Principals’ Awards


Winner of the 2014 CLIPPA Award, Grades 3-4 Category

My Sometimes Pal

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