Annie's Tale

Annie's Tale


   Meet Annie Clark from Minnesota. She and her pa have left their home to live and care for Grandpa in the Mississippi Valley. Grandpa is soft in the head, as they say, and needs help running his farm. Annie has a disability, but it has it never stops her. She loves to draw any living creature she can see with her one good eye. And fishing? Annie can fish out a stream in no time, better than any boy around. Pa says she’s “mighty strong for a girl” and most of the time, she believes him.

   When Annie meets Peter, she knows she’s found a friend. But when she sees Franky hiding behind the tree, her heart skips a beat. She knows he’ll be trouble. Bound and determined to make her mark, Annie tries to do right at Belden, even when the schoolmaster and Franky act like bullies. Then, one day, it’s Annie who gets in trouble, surprising just about everyone. Can Annie make make a difference with her new friends at Belden? Can she handle the changes she sees in Grandpa?

   The award-winning Belden Boy series has touched the lives of thousands of children over the years. Set in the 1800’s, its anti-bullying message is timeless and relatable today to children who may be victims, bystanders, even bullies. Teachers and parents across the country use the Belden Boy Series as a learning tool both in the classroom and at home. The Belden Boy Writing Camp for young authors is now available, set in the real life Belden School!