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~The fourth book in the award-winning Belden Boy Series, is told from the fresh perspective of the new girl, Annie ...


There’s a new family in the Belden School community! Annie Clark and her pa travel down from their home in Minnesota to Galena to care for their ailing Grandpa.  He may be  ‘soft in the head’, as they say, and needs help running his farm, but Grandpa secrets begin to unfold about serving in the War Between the States so long ago.


When Annie first meets Peter, she knows she’s found a friend. But when she sees Franky hiding behind a tree, her heart skips a beat! Bound and determined  to make her mark, Annie tries to do right, even among the bullies in her new school which includes Franky and the new schoolmaster.


Though Annie has a disability, it never keeps her down. She helps to pull together the Belden Community and her two best pals, Peter and Franky. Pa says that she is mighty strong for a girl and she agrees!


2020 Mom’s Choice Award

Annie's Tale

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