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Sport, the stray, was rescued from the busy streets of Chicago in the 1930s, and was loved by his new family and folks of small town Glen Ellyn. Store owners would jump to greet their four-legged friend on the sidewalk, tossing him a biscuit here and there. Smart and faithful, the dog was especially devoted to his friend Johnny. Following his owner to Glenbard High on the hill, Sport would search the halls for Johnny, just to lay by his side at his desk in the classroom. Sport and boy grew closer as the years went by. This is the true story of not only a family adopting a stray, but a village adopting Sport in their own way.


It is true that loving a mutt, stray or full bred rescue can be rewarding. Visit the local shelter near you today!


“A timeless story about the bonds between humans and animals. A delightful, nostalgic look at life in Glen Ellyn, a community that still values dogs and knows
they all deserve loving homes. Just like Sport, this book will be “the talk of the village!”
- Karen Hall, Executive Director of the Glen Ellyn Historical Society

The Village Dog

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