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Let's Take a Poll!

Liam...Liam...Liam! What incredible drive my budding author had this past summer at the Belden Boy Writing Camp. He will grow up to be a politician one day, no doubt!

When I first met Liam on the first day of our camp, he was shy. Yet he knew who and what he wanted to write about from the ‘get go’. It was going to be a story about Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren and that was all there was to it. He could visualize her campaigning in Iowa in the rain, talking to people about all kinds of issues, and eventually winning the 2020 Presidential Race. So, with a little guidance and a lot of support from our camp teachers, he wrote his story. He illustrated his pictures and, yes, including the one of Ms. Warren campaigning in the rain. He was so proud of his story at the end of our three-day camp. But he told me one more thing. Liam wanted more than anything to meet and present his book to Ms. Warren, his Presidential Candidate with book in hand. How could we doubt him and his dreams?

A few months after the camp, he did just that! We are so proud of our budding author Liam Shelke. He taught us all a lesson...that dreams really do come true! ~ p.j. hartenaus

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