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Belden Boy Writing Camp

Does your child love to write?
Then here's a unique summer writing camp opportunity!

As educators, we invite you to join the three-day summer writing camp in the summer of 2024 at Belden School, a one-room schoolhouse set deep in the woods of Galena. The camp is designed for serious young writers. No computers, no technology, and certainly no WiFi. Just good old-fashioned pencil and paper.

Each story, along with original illustrations created by your child, will be sent in for production and made into a memorable hard-covered book! This special camp is hosted at Belden School, home of the Belden Boy Series! You may have a budding author in the making!

Move quickly and sign up, space is limited. After all, it is a one-room schoolhouse!

Belden Boy Writing Camp is hosted by Illinois Educators of Literacy and Social Studies 

and the author of the Belden Boy Series, p.j. hartenaus 

Winner of CSAA 2012 and 2017 Award

Eric Hoffer Finalist 2013 and National Children's Literature CLIPPA AWARD 2014-15

Mom's Choice Gold Award 2019

Mom's Choice Gold Award 2021

Camp Closed for the 2024 Year!

1. Click on the Application Document below. Complete top portion of application, keeping the lower portion for your information.

2. Include $100.00 deposit with application made out to Belden Boy - balance of $225.00 due June 1st!

3. Send Application to Belden Boy Writing Camp (10 Brook Lane, Galena, IL. 61036) for April 3rd enrollment. You will be notified when your registration is accepted.

NOTE: Reading the Belden Boy Series will enhance your child's writing experience, as they will be writing their stories inside the same Belden School! Available in our Whistleslick Press Bookstore or local bookstore.

We have contests for parents, an Instagrammable moment with the 1953 Belden Boy Book Mobile, and more!

Follow us on Instagram for more information! 


Interested in the Belden Boy Writing Camp? Follow These Three Steps:

Download Documents


Let's Hear What Students and Parents Are Saying!

Thank you again for a wonderful week! My son shed a few tears on the way home about camp ending too quickly. He thoroughly enjoyed it! As an editor/copywriter, this makes my heart sing! Thanks so so much!

— Mrs. M, Glen Ellyn


Sydney loved the experience. You are all so warm and kind to the kids and that has already made a huge positive impact on their lives.

— Mr. H


I can't thank you enough for allowing our daughter to participate in the Belden Boy Writing Camp experience. When we signed her up she was so excited. I was so hopeful that the 'camp experience' would match the expectations that she had worked up in her mind. In the end, it did not match her expectations -- it blew them away! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving her this amazing experience. She continues to write every day!!

— Andrea B, Glen Ellyn

Bella Won the 2015 Betty Award for her book that was written in Belden Boy Writing Camp!


Thank you for offering this experience to our children!! It created confidence in Katherine's writing ability, it created memories that will last a lifetime and it created a precious book that Katherine is very proud of. We, as a family, have enjoyed reading and will in the years to come!

— Mrs. B


Thank you for an amazing experience! My kids loved going to “school” each day and while they’re keeping their books a surprise, they could not stop talking about the fun they had each day. Thank you for offering a truly memorable experience for our whole family.

— Erin

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