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Belden Boy Gives Back

Have you ever wished that you could have a few farm animals on a small farm in the country?  Maybe it could be a rescue, a place where abused or unwanted animals could live safely for the rest of their days.

Well, the good news is that you don't have to own a farm.  Sponsoring an animal from  a sanctuary or rescue is an easy way to make a difference.   We've compiled a list of sanctuaries for you to contact for sponsorship.


But there is another way you could donate as well. Through the purchase of the Belden Boy books, your child could benefit from reading the award winning, anti-bullying series. With any purchase of Whistleslick Press books either online or at any Farmers Markets, a generous portion of proceeds goes to help care and feed animals at farm sanctuaries and rescues all over the United States.  


P.J. HarteNaus and the Belden Boy Gives Back Program has created something different.  Enjoy visiting our Virtual Farm Sanctuary below and see the animals that Whistleslick Press has already rescued and sponsored.  If you visit some of the Whistleslick Sanctuary animals in person, don't forget to tag us online at #beldenboygivesback.

Here are some great ideas for you to do with your child for the upcoming year whether in school or at-home learning. Most sanctuaries will send you a picture about your animal.  However, you may want to:

  • Research about the care and feeding of the animal,

  • Math lesson for your child as he or she save their allowance for sponsorship,

  • Writing a story about their new friend!

Here is a list of animal sanctuaries listed by state for you to visit.

Happy Sponsoring!


Animal Rescue Donations

The Belden Boy Gives Back Program gives cash donations from a portion of sales of all Whistleslick Press books sold online, sold at Farmer’s Markets, local stores, and at school functions.  Here are a few of our recipients who are doing fantastic work for all animals big and small...​


  • Iowa Farm Sanctuary

  • One Tail at a Time

  • Safe Haven in Elizabeth, IL

  • The Humane Farming Association

  • Tiny Hooves Sanctuary​

Please follow their websites and Instagram pages where you, too, can donate, adopt or sponsor your own animal!


Hank Indigo
Tiny Hooves Sanctuary

Hank Indigo, a miniature calf, was taken from his mother at an early age and tied up against a wall for six weeks. Calling out to her, hoping to be reunited, the feed lot had other plans for the small calf.   Along came a kind soul who finally untethered him, saving him for the cruel abuse of the veal industry. He was sent to Tiny Hooves Sanctuary in Union Grove, WI.  Here Hank is showered with kisses and attention each and every day from its volunteers.


The Belden Boy Gives Back Program is proud to be able to sponsor Hank each month with the funds needed for his care. Hank is very special to us as he is not only our first rescue, but he represents something personal for educator and author, P.J. HarteNaus.  The family business was a veal meat packing company in Chicago. P.J. remembers the sadness she felt as a child for the things she saw. So much so, she became a Vegetarian at 18 years of age, and now a Vegan.

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