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Belden Boy Gives Back

Have you ever dreamed of having a small farm in the countryside with a few beloved farm animals? Perhaps it could be a haven for rescues, offering a safe refuge for abused or unwanted animals to live out their days in peace. The good news is, you don't need to own a farm to make a difference.


Sponsoring an animal from a sanctuary or rescue is a simple yet impactful way to lend your support. We've curated a list of sanctuaries for you to explore and contact for sponsorship opportunities. But there's another way you can contribute. Through purchasing Whistleslick Press books, your child can not only enjoy a award-winning books but also directly support animal welfare efforts. A generous portion of proceeds from all Whistleslick Press book sales, whether online or at Farmers Markets, goes towards caring for and feeding animals at farm sanctuaries and rescues across the

United States.


Here are some inspiring activities for you and your child to enjoy throughout the upcoming year, whether in school or at home. While most sanctuaries will provide a photo of your sponsored animal, you can also:


  • Conduct research on the care and feeding of the animal,

  • Incorporate a math lesson as your child saves their allowance for sponsorship,

  • Encourage creative writing by crafting stories about their new furry friend!


Explore the list of animal sanctuaries organized by state for you to visit and support: Link to Animal Sanctuaries

Happy Sponsoring!

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