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Where Do I Belong?

“For years, I remember my father talking about the family “Bell” he had on the farm in nearby Iowa.  He told stories about the one-room schoolhouse he attended and the times he trekked in the snow to arrive before anyone else, to start a fire in the schoolhouse stove. He said his school was so old that it was named ‘Columbus’. The brick schoolhouse was eventually abandoned, but the “Bell” was taken to his family farm for safe keeping.  Years went by, the farm was sold, but the “Bell” found its way back to Dad and then to me. The beautiful, full, strong and rich sound of the bell was wonderful to ring on any celebration.   

After watching and video documenting the restoration of Belden School, I felt that the “Bell” belonged in an appropriate home, another stone schoolhouse. The family heirloom was donated to the Belden School Restoration Project. The “Bell” found another place to belong, enjoyed and shared by many to visit.”

~ The Roy Wiemerslage family, Galena 

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