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Belden Boy Writing Camp 2016 A

Our first camp was incredible…how could it not?  We began the first day with twelve enthusiastic young authors waiting for the experience of a lifetime and four talented teachers ready to teach and engage our happy campers. Armed with camp t-shirts and a lesson on Belden School’s own history, our lessons began about writing and illustrating a children’s book. Ideas flowed.  Our authors perused samples of beautifully illustrated text. Pencils busily scribed words on paper.  Not one child hesitated as to the story he or she wanted to tell!

By noon the first day, our young authors had a great start to their story. But as can be expected, the children had worked up a great appetite.  Our hungry authors couldn't wait find a seat at the wooden picnic bench outside and grab their special picnic lunch that was waiting for them. It was amazing to watch the friendships form so quickly over a PBJ and stickball. Yes, though the temps were warm, the children were eager to play a great game each day of good old fashioned “stickball", as Peter McDugal might say!

As the last day of the Belden Boy Writing Camp approached, it was expressed by many of our young authors how sad it made them feel that the camp was almost over.  Many children wanted more time to sit in the one-room schoolhouse setting, so that they could continue to write yet another story!

How wonderful it was to get to know and work with each and every child. Twelve incredible stories were produced. Thank you to everyone, including parents and literacy team…..and especially to our young authors for creating yet another successful writing camp!

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